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This hospital was established in 1972.This hospital has produced a vast count of surgeries,were the founder of Sridevi eye hospitals Dr.K.Sivaramkrishna and his priceless successor have done more than one and half lakh surgeries together.Here doctors see that patient’s requirement full fills to the last.

The founder Dr.K.sivaramakrishna was the man who started small incision cataract around the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh.He also has unique specialities like micro incision cataract,glaucoma,squint,and many.He himself has a vast experience of 56 years in the field of ophthalmology.His son (Dr.K.K.S.Chakravarthy) is a pioneer in phaco and glaucoma.He has a peculiar art of doing both cataract & glaucoma surgery of the same instant.He also have the desire in doing the most complicated cases.

He(Dr.K.K.S.Chakravarthy also practices pediatric ophthalmology, pterygium,chalazion.He is a master in dealing the most commonest problem “Migrane” he also ensures that the patient’s intense pain reduces.

  • ”Vision for all is their primary motto”
  • Produces qualified doctors for the public’s health.
  • It is our hospital’s sincere hope to provide you with the best possible medical care.
  • By producing generations of ophthalmologist to the people